Finding my purpose


With unlimited distractions in our lives, sometimes it's hard to pinpoint our purpose. Down time is used to scroll through newsfeeds and timelines instead of self development. Trust me, I was (and sometimes still) guilty of that.  A very easy way to improve life is to discover your personal why.

My moment of discovery, was when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Thank God, the cancer was in its early stages, so the treatment was not as aggressive as it could be. It was definitely a turning point for me, nonetheless.  I realized, I let chronic pain, other aliments and bad relationships control my feelings and moods. Those feelings and moods affected my motivation and self worth.  

Long story short(er), an amazing moment of clarity allowed me to try new things and try new experiences to find my passion, my personal why. 

Heres what I have learned to always ask myself:

  • Does what I'm doing matter?

  • What is important to me and why? (I used lists to put them in order)

  • How will you measure your life?

  • Does it bring me any joy?

Its incredible how many things just naturally fell wayside and how photography has found its place in my life again. 


I have especially embraced the last question to the fullest in other areas in my life. Exploring the world, experience the new & unusual and meeting wonderful people including creatives (artists, wedding planners and bloggers) in the area.

Find your purpose. Make mistakes but enjoy life. Bad things happen but waiting for it to happen while life passes you by will not give you an upper hand but put you in last place when it comes to happiness.

Next blog will be on my Christmas minis!