I aspired to be...

Happy Tuesday! This statement always bothered me because my immediate answer is “happy”. Talk about vague. Classmates and peers always had a career in mind or more specific goal while mine was just a feeling that can be so fleeting. It bugged me that I couldn’t pinpoint where that happiness would lie.


But I’ve learned over the years that my aspiration was perfect for me. You find happiness in grand and small things. Laughing with your family over greasy appetizers. Losing terribly atTop Golf with your girlfriends. Snuggling with your significant other as the rain drops hit the windows. I LIVE for those days. I wouldn’t trade money, fame or any other materialistic thing for those moments. Anything else is genuinely, the cherry on top.


Of course, I have set goals for myself and live to accomplish them but goals change. Interests change. Too many changes in life to not allow to change to happen in me. 


Long story, short: find happiness in every phase in your life even if you haven’t hit that goal just yet. 


On another note, I will be making pricing adjustments that better fit your needs! I’ll keep you all posted!!